Superior Stone Manufacturing was established in 2007 in Kingston Washington  by Greg and Sandy Johnson. Greg and Sandy retired. We loved the business and were able to take it over.  We moved the operation to Lynnwood in January of 2017.  

Why did we buy the business?

The quality of the product. We use more cement and less fillers than our competitors. So it is harder and less porous. We hand make every stone and landscape item. These are truly works of art. We love being a manufacturer.  We hire local, buy local and invest in local businesses. 

This is a green company which was important to us. We recycle all the water we use, recycle our concrete waste, and don't use the non recyclable boxes that most of our competitors use. These boxes go straight to the landfill where they stay forever.   Since we are local we don't use the fossil fuels that other use in transportation.

We are NOT made it China, Canada, or Mexico. 

The national standard set by the national brands says the stone should be 1.800 psi. (Guess what psi they make their stone).  Ours is 4500 psi. Why? Because we use more cement and less filler. Filler is the cheap stuff.  Because we use more cement I feel our colors last longer and look better. It is also less porous.

We contribute to our local economy.

We can really use your help in succeeding. If you have comments for suggestions please feel free to email me at

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website

Jim and Lori Murray

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