We a small local manufacturer of cultured stone products and accessories.  We can even match Eldorado stone if you need more  

Our products are specifically made for the Northwest.  We add additives to our mix that help repel water which can reduce the amount of moss that tends to grow on everything around here.  We use basically 2 ingredients in our mix.  Cement and pumis. Cement makes it strong and pumis which is volcanic rock makes it lighter.  We use more cement than our foreign competitors which makes it stronger and less porous.

We are a GREEN company which was important to us. We recycle all the water we use, recycle most of our concrete waste, and don't use the non recyclable boxes that most of our competitors use. These boxes go straight to the landfill where they stay forever.

Made in Bothell not Mexico (Elderado and Boral).  

How much green house gases are produced transporting there product from Mexico (EDERADO) to Seattle?  I would suggest a lot.

We are wholesale but open to the public.  Please come visit of showroom. We have samples outside so you can come by anytime or call to schedule a showing.


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