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We are proud to be the local distributor for McNear brick.   We have the best pricing, and service in the industry.  

Thin Brick has revolutionized the construction of brick walls and paving. Thin brick veneers are now the best way to build interior brick walls, exterior brick veneers, and brick floors. These brick tiles are the faces of real brick, and create faux brick walls with a fraction of the time, cost, and difficulty of the old way. Properly built, thin brick veneer walls are indistinguishable from traditional brick masonry.

Thin Brick is an important and growing sector of brick construction, and McNear offers a comprehensive selection of Thin Brick colors, sizes, and shapes . This newest generation of brick products has much to offer:

  • No expensive footings or supports required
  • Faster construction times
  • Easier to use with building insulation
  • Thinner walls, creating more usable space inside
  • New avenues for brick use (ie: ceilings)
  • No seismic concerns
  • Do-it-yourselfer friendly
  • Great for remodels
  • Applicable to any surface, interior or exterior
  • Easier and cheaper shipping and handling
  • Much lower embodied environmental costs
  • Works with Panel Systems and Precast construction.

Thin Brick gives these benefits without sacrificing any of the durability, extremely low maintenance, beauty, and value of traditional brick construction.

DOWNLOAD brochure click Here.

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