Thank you for choosing Superior Stone for your project. Superior Stone products are virtually maintenance free.


Manufacturer warrants Superior Stone wall veneers for a period of fifty (50) years against manufacturing defects when used on structures conforming to local building codes and when installed in accordance to Masonry Veneer Manufacturing Association (MVMA).

Warranty coverage specifically excludes:

Damage resulting from wall movement, settlement of the building, contact with chemicals or paint, and discoloration due to contaminates, staining or oxidation.

Warranty coverage is limited to replacement or repair of defective materials only and does not cover labor to remove or replace materials. Warranty coverage is limited to the original purchaser.

Stone Maintenance


On occasion, the stone may need to be washed to remove surface debris or dust. To wash the stone, use a soft bristle brush with water. A mild detergent may also be used to clean any remaining debris. Make sure the detergent does not contain any bleach or other harsh chemicals. Rinse well with clean water.


When efflorescence occurs, as it does with many masonry products, it is usually the result of moisture migration through the masonry substrate. Once the moisture is on the masonry surface, it evaporates, depositing salts in the form of efflorescence. This will naturally disappear over time as long as the source of the moisture is controlled or eliminated. You can clean it off with a solution of 1 part white, distilled vinegar to 5 parts water. Gently scrub using a soft bristle brush. Rinse well with clean water.


Sealing Superior Stone is not necessary, however it is recommended in certain applications. These include "at grade" where mud may splash onto the stone or on wood burning fireplaces that are exposed to smoke or soot. A sealer helps to provide added protection and makes the stone easier to clean.

-Use only a quality masonry sealer that is of the "penetrating breathable" type that is either Silane or Siloxane based product. As with any sealer, the color of the stone may change. We recommend to test on a few pieces to determine if the color or finish is acceptable.

  • Do not clean Superior Stone with acid cleaners
  • Do not clean Superior Stone with a high powered pressure washer
  • Do not use wire brushes on Superior Stone 

 **Boxes and or pallets should be mixed to insure a natural color balance, As with natural stone, color variations should be expected.